Thursday, November 8, 2012

Letter to His Excellency Koichiro Gemba, Foreign Minister of Japan

His Excellency Koichiro Gemba                                                            Date: 08 November 20012
Foreign Minister
The Government of Japan

Subject:            : An urgent appeal  to intervene, to help stop on-going violence on   Rohingyas of Arakan.

Dear Sir;

We, on behalf of Rohingyas in Burma are very concern with the deteriorating situation of Rohingya in Arkan. As the international community is very well informed but the violence attack on Rohingya minority people by the Rakhine majority since early June this year was not stop. There was some out-cry to stop the violence but the attack was unabated and consistently going on throughout the Arakan Region. There is no rule of law in Arakan. As president Thein Sein’s government forces are patronizing with the extremist Rakhine terrorists to exterminate the Rohingyas from   Arakan, Burma.
Since 21 October organized gangs of the Rakhine extremists headed by monks have burned down over 1000 houses, killed hundreds of Muslims and injured many more in the townships of Myinbya, Mrauk-U, Pauktaw and Kyaukpyu. These genocidal actions have been carried out with the backing of the police, army and security forces with intent to destroy the whole Muslim population of Arakan. Systematic killings, rape of women and destruction have continued unabated while every single sign of Muslim or Islam is being erased from Arakan. On 23 October, at about 20:00 hours, while the Paikthay village was on blaze in Kyaukpyu Town, the fire fighters came  to the spot with tank load of patrol in the guise of putting out the fire. More than seven thousand Rohingyas fled by fishing boats to Sittwe whiles hundreds of them drawn and died in the Sea.
The Government of Burma is clearly unwilling to stop violence and take any action against those masterminds and Rakhine terrorist from Rohingya ethnic cleansing. It is well evident that government of Burma is not sincere to achieve peace while formulating long term plan to put all Rohingyas in the Refugee Camps or expel to third countries as President Thein Sein proposed to UN High Commissioner for Refugee in July. UN peace keeping forces with international observers are only credible forces to save reaming Rohingyas lives and the lives of many other Muslims throughout Burma. The UN mandated international observers would be able to collect accurate information on the ground, documented activities of criminals which will help prevent further violence. At the same time Burma’s Leaders including President Thein Sein and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi must send out strong message of reconciliation to Rakhine people and must take action to end the (National Sentiment) of prejudice against the Rohingya Community and the Muslims of Burma.

There is no way this violence would continue if Thein Sein’s government genuinely wants to stop it. However, it is important that the crimes against humanity and violence against the Rohingyas are stopped without further delay.  Therefore,

  1. We urge upon the Government of Japan to put effective pressure on Burmese government to stop violence and crimes against Rohingyas;
  2. We urge the UN via Japan  to intervene in the matter on the ground of humanitarianism for the purpose of preventing further death, killing, rape and destruction of the Muslims; and to urgently send UN Peace Keeping Force to Arakan;
  3. We urge upon Japan and her western and regional allies to review their policies on Thein Sein’s government in order to protect the lives of helpless Muslims in Arakan in the light of protecting and promoting human rights and democratic values;
  4. We urge upon the Japan and  international community to put pressure on the Burmese government:
  •  to allow unhindered humanitarian aid to the Rohingya victims in every nock and cranny of Arakan;
  • to stop its segregation scheme and replace it with a proactive policy of ‘peaceful co-existence’ and;            
  • to repeal or amend the Burma Citizenship Act of 1982 in order to          conform it with international law standards.

Your faithfully;

Zaw Min Htut
Burmese Rohingya Association in Japan (BRAJ)

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