Friday, November 9, 2012

On the "Global Day of Action" Rohingyas in Japan Demonstrating in front of Burma Embassy

On 08 Nov. 2012, GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION, Rohingyas in Japan Showing their Solidarity with other Rohingyas inside Burma  and diaspora by denouncing the atrocities, ethnic cleansing and inhumane acts of RNDP party of Rakhine Terrorist with collaborating   Burma's Regime Then Sein  on the Bona-fide    Citizen of Burma, Rohingya, Kaman and other Muslim minority in Burma. It is a very strong message to Thein Sein Regime that the world community and Burmese People in general will never accept it in this 21 Century, except those Politicians, power-mongers, so called political dissidents and racists who say some thing and doing anotherthing under the Banner of Democracy.

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